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Since the company launched its business, it has been working to eliminate its customers' sense of insecurity after retirement and to, "realize a society in which people can be truly happy to live a long life" under the slogan "transforming the traditional annuity into a truly life enriching annuity". The AEGON Sony Life Credo was created by the employees to encompass these aims and to clarify 3 main pledges, namely: to customers, to business partners and to all colleagues.


" We aspire to help create a society in which people can feel really happy about living a long life. "

We are one team motivated to realize this common dream. Our mission is to assist our customers in achieving financial security, comfort and ultimately peace of mind. We endeavor to do this with the help of our business partners who share our same core values and determined spirit. In keeping our long-term promises to every customer, and by filling the gap between what social pension systems provide and what people truly need to retire with dignity, we enable people to live long and happy lives.

" Starting today, we commit ourselves to transforming the traditional annuity into a truly life enriching annuity. "

In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to transforming the" traditional annuity" into a" life enriching annuity" . A" life enriching annuity" is one that meets our customers' expectations throughout their lifetime. Moreover, it has the potential to help our customers reach their financial goals at different stages of life , enabling them to achieve their dreams while having a sense of security about their future. We are confident that by making available life enriching annuities we are helping to create a stronger sense of financial security for society; making it possible for those who rely on us to experience greater peace of mind.

Our pledge to customers

By providing high-quality consulting services we place our cust omers' needs first, while always staying loyal to the central purpose of life enriching annuities. In order to earn our customers' trust we will adhere to the clear guid elines outlined in ou r compliance programs. We vow to continuously improve our operations to ensure that we are creat ing long-term value, while also supporting our growth ambitions as a company.

Our pledge to business partners

We will do our utmost to invest in our relationships and develop trust and sustainable alliances with our business partners. We vow to create ideal partnerships that allow us to think, synergize and progress together.

Our pledge to ourselves

We will pursue our shared ambitions and ideals in the spirit of mutual respect. We take great pride in and are committed to our open and dynamic corporate culture. Most importantly, we vow to constantly remain agile and passionate about fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to realize our full potential.

We are determined to achieve our dream of broadly sharing
"life enriching annuities" with all.

Current and future employees of AEGON Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

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